“Storypark is perfect. It has been easy to use, meeting Australia’s Early Years Learning Framework and National Quality Standards in so many ways.

I no longer need to make multiple copies of everything and it’s all in the one place. My families can add input being a part of their child’s learning journey at their own convenience, which means so much more input and comments from families!

The coordination unit have direct access to children’s learning assessments. With the new regulations for Family day care educators supplying copies of all learning assessments to the coordination unit, it couldn’t be easier with Storypark.

Storypark will suit all early childhood education and care contexts. It has been such a time saver!”

Melanie - Sunshine Coast Family Day Care, Australia

Photo of Melanie

“Storypark was implemented in BestStart childcare centres in 2013, and now over 240 of our centres are using it on a regular basis with great success.

The most important indicator of the success of Storypark has been the positive feedback from our parents. They say they feel their communication and involvement with their centres have increased, and they enjoy receiving updates on their child and centre activities.

Our teachers find the software easy to use, helping build stronger relationships between centre and home.

We recently surveyed our centres and found that:

  • 95% of Centre Managers said that Storypark has improved their day to day practice.
  • 93% of Centre Managers think that parents have shown a greater interest in their child’s learning since using Storypark,
  • 85% of Centre Managers said Storypark has improved the professional development and quality of delivery by their teams
  • 88% of Centre Managers said that Storypark has improved the management of their centre.

The Storypark team give excellent support to our staff and respond quickly to queries. The webinars are a great tool to help everyone become familiar with how Storypark works and how to make the most of it.

Using the Storypark software has helped us towards achieving our goal of being innovative and leaders with IT in childcare. Overall we've had a great experience and are excited to see what other opportunities arise from it. Being associated with Storypark offers our centres an additional stamp of quality and point of difference.”

Fiona Hughes, Chief Operations Officer, BestStart

Photo of Fiona

“Storypark is friendly, instant and really simple for teachers and families to use. Our teachers use it for everything – learning stories, notices, messages, and trip reminders. Some teachers attended one of the free professional development webinars and said it was really useful and gave them a few more tricks.

We had one centre where inconsistent communication between home and kindergarten was causing dissatisfaction for parents. After six months of using Storypark a follow up survey has been overwhelmingly positive, with Storypark cited by families as a key and effective communication tool between home and kindergarten. Parents think it is a great initiative.

The Hutt Kindergarten Association is using Storypark across many of our centres and will be continuing to encourage adoption by all our centres in the near future. The Storypark team are great to work with, and the fact that we share similar values and philosophies has been a big part of creating that relationship that we have.”

Peter Christie - General Manager, Hutt Kindergarten Association, New Zealand

Photo of Peter Christie

“The connection between home and school is vital for every unit that I teach within our IB preschool. When the children learn about a unit of inquiry they take their learning home and this gives them the chance to extend their knowledge and understanding and deepen the concepts we are focusing on. Through strong connections they are able to take action which is a vital part of an inquiry model. Storypark has made this possible in so many ways.

It allows parents to understand what we are doing and what their child has been learning about.

A parent said to me last week it gives them a window into their child’s world. One that without Storypark wouldn't exist. It allows us as teachers to have a window into their world, we can share their home life and be apart of so many experiences. As a teacher this is something I have always found really important but until using Storypark it has never been possible.”

Zoe Roles - Head Teacher, St Mark’s Church Pre-School, New Zealand

Photo of Zoe Roles

“When I was at school, Mum and Dad had a teachers meeting once a year and a report sent to them at the end of each term. That was the extent of interaction with what was happening with me at school, unless there was unexplained absenteeism or I was busted smoking behind the tennis courts or getting up to no good.

Having Charlie our eldest boy start at Saint Mark’s halfway through the year, we were pleasantly surprised that the school is using Storypark to document Charlie's daily activities with an engaging and easy to use interface. Storypark has allowed Cassandra and I to understand what Charlie is achieving each day, and what is topical at school. As a result we don’t feel as though we are missing out and the grandparents are also thrilled to be involved.

Storypark has allowed us not only to be informed daily of Charlie's activities but, has facilitated an informed relationship with Charlie's teacher Zoe. We have been able to upload pictures of what Charlie has done over the weekend so that this prompts Charlie to discuss and participate in creative story telling. This has helped immensely!

Well done Storypark, clean and simple to use but delivers so much, thanks.”


“I want to share with you the tremendous impact Storypark has had in our class.

I introduced our families to Storypark because I was looking for a way to keep the parents abreast of what their child was doing at Kindy on a day-to-day basis. Whilst our portfolios are an effective way of summarizing and documenting learning and skill development, they only go home twice a year and they do not provide a window into the everyday Kindy experience of the child. The typical Kindy day is full of amazing discoveries and achievements that can’t be sent home in a backpack – incredible block towers, acts of kindness, crossing the monkey bars for the first time, a crazy outfit in the home corner, moments of quiet concentration, and so on.

The parents have loved the instant nature of Storypark – they no longer have to wait until the end of a semester to see what their child has been doing. Many have commented on how nice it is to be able to look over the posts with their child and talk with them about what they have been doing that day. An added benefit has been the ability to invite friends or relatives to connect to their child’s page. In our class we have many children with fathers in FIFO (Fly In, Fly Out) jobs in the far north of the state, who may not see their children for a fortnight at a time. Storypark has enabled these dads to be more connected with their child during their absence and maintain their involvement in their child’s education.

But Storypark has not just provided us with a means to give parents a window into their child’s world; it has provided the children with a means to communicate their pride in their achievements and express what is important to them. The children are encouraged to approach us at any time if they would like something posted on their Storypark page. This usually involves photographing something the child has been doing with our class iPad and having the child dictate a short explanation to accompany the photo. For one child it was simply to let mum know that on that day, for the first time ever, he went to the toilet and did a wee standing up without getting it all over his clothes! Where do you put that in a portfolio?”

Louise Hewitt - Takari Primary School, Western Australia

Photo of Louise