Involve families more actively in their child’s learning

Build a responsive learning community

Ask family questions and gain understanding from their stories and comments. Uncover new ways to extend children's unique interests by recognising and nurturing learning together.

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Increase communications with family, forming a circle of learning

Diagram showing the communication between teachers and families



Lousie Hewitt

A child returned to Macedonia for three months. Storypark not only allowed us all to stay in touch, but also enabled the other children to learn about a foreign country in a meaningful way – who knew they don’t eat sandwiches in Macedonia?? — Louise Hewitt, Takari Primary School

Helping you achieve better educational outcomes

Customisable curriculums

Work with your choice of curriculum, outcomes, goals, dispositions, values or subjects.

Smooth transitions

Nurture new relationships and continue learning. When children change teachers or services, new teachers can be invited to Storypark and support their transition.

Simplify reporting and assessment processes

Individual teacher portfolios integrate with children’s portfolios. Gather evidence for registration and assessment. Work with mentors and link to quality standards and criteria.

Various curriculum logos

Storypark grows with each child

Screenshots of Storypark

Parents can create a free account for their child before they join your service, and can continue to use Storypark after they leave. This helps children transition to school or between services and lets parents treasure stories, images and videos from their child's learning journey forever (at no cost to the parents).

Designed to work for you. Watch this video to see Storypark in action!

Centre-wide communication

Share notices, newsletters, events or other notifications with your community of parents and families.

Save to draft

Create part of a story and come back to it later when you’re ready to finish it.

Great printing options

Large images or small, with or without comments, print your learning stories for use in paper portfolios.

Personalise your experience

Upload your service's logo, name and information such as values, philosophy and location.

Story approval

Peers and managers can support and review teachers' work before stories are published.

Integrates with existing software

Add JPEGs or PDFs from Word, Publisher, Smilebox, Comic-life or other apps to learning stories.

Include real voices via audio

Capture a child's voice as they reflect on their learning or hear a Grandparent's voice as they respond to a story. Enrich your documentation by recording audio.

Easy analysis and reporting

Use Storypark's reports to check the number of stories for a child, when their last story was created, the use of curriculum and see how different teachers are involved.

Group children and teachers

Create 'rooms' to easily group children and their teachers.

Instant notifications

When there’s a relevant new story or comment, you’ll be notified.

Content belongs to parents

Parents own their child's Storypark account and can continue to use it regardless of the age or location of the child.

Plan and show evidence

Link stories together with planning notes to show your planning process and involve parent's aspirations.

We’re here to help each step of the way

Specialist ECE support

We offer professional development and provide on-going support for all of our Storypark family. Click here to register for our next free webinar.

Resources to help parents

We provide information to help you welcome parents and for them to get the most out of Storypark. Click here to learn more.

Detailed support documentation

If you need a hand getting started or have questions you'll find all you need to know on our help centre. Or get in touch directly at

Words from early childhood education experts

Andrew Fleck logo
“Andrew Fleck Child Care Services takes pride in being progressive, responsive and - most importantly - committed to excellence in all its services. This is why we’re very excited to be using Storypark - leading online technology designed with our support.”
Kim Hiscott, Executive Director, Andrew Fleck Child Care Services

Hutt City Kindergartens logo
“We chose Storypark because of their values and approach. They're great to work with, and have helped us get Storypark running in a number of Kindergartens.”
Alice Heather, General Manager, Hutt City Kindergartens

City Kids logo
“Storypark for me as a teacher has made such an incredible difference to my life. Connection between home and school is vital for every unit that we teach and Storypark has made this possible in so many ways. It allows parents to understand what we are doing and what their child has been learning about. A parent said to me last week it gives them a window into their child's world. One that without Storypark wouldn't exist. ”
Zoe Roles, St Mark's Preschool

Takari Primary School logo
“The greatest benefit has been in opening communication channels between the home and school. Before Storypark, there were certain parents who we had been unable to engage using more traditional methods and had had virtually no contact with throughout the school year. Whether communicating via Storypark was less threatening for these parents, or whether it just fitted better into their busy working lives, we began to have interactions with parents who were previously uncommunicative. ”
Louise Hewitt, Takari Primary School, Australia

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