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Storypark helps parents and families relive their child’s important moments and be more involved in their children’s learning.

Busy but don't want to miss out?

See, learn and experience more of your child's day. Do you wonder what your child is doing when you're not there? Storypark allows teachers to send you updates, photos and videos while they work with your child.

Extend your child's learning

Better understanding your child's learning can help you improve their personal development.

Owned and controlled by you

Parents are the administrators of their child’s account, and the owners of all photos, videos and content.

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Grandma looking at stories

Feel close when you're far away

Invited family and friends, anywhere in the world, can understand, comment and engage in a child’s learning, helping support their learning and development. Trust us, Nana will love it!

It’s free for families

Anywhere, anytime. Storypark’s cloud-based software means family members can just login and get started anywhere in the world.

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Research shows family engagement is key for early childhood development

Bringing learning home

Learning stories and ePortfolios help the whole family become engaged in new ways. Share family heritage and culture, hear Grandma's voice as she tells a story and communicate in a way that's easy, inclusive and safe.

The sharing goes both ways

Extended family can comment and add their stories, creating a loving, reciprocal learning community. This helps educators focus on your child’s unique needs and abilities.

As a Grandmother from down South who lives a plane ride away and not able to visit Kindy (or grandchildren) as often as I would like it is lovely to be able to keep up with what Lachie is doing and be able to talk to him about what is happening when I ring. It is great to hear of all the adventures that the children have. Thank you all. — Regards Grandma Anne

Invite experts to be involved

Parents can include experts or specialists to help them be better involved in their child’s development.

Private, secure, encrypted

We take security seriously and adhere to government guidelines for cybersafety. No one can find your child’s account unless you invite them.

An online record that travels with your child

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Transitioning becomes a breeze

When your child changes teachers, you can grant access for the new teacher who can then learn important things about your child’s development. The family also learns about the new teacher, which is a comfort as the child transitions through the next phase of their development.

Private support for each child

Parents and teachers are the only ones able to see a child’s private notes page. This enables confidential conversations about the child’s development, issues or situations.

Storypark on a mobile phone

See it your way

You can use Storypark on a computer, an iPhone, an Android device or a tablet.

Realtime notifications

Log in and immediately view the latest updates and contributions in Storypark. Emails notify your family members when there is a new story. It’s exciting when the notifications come in!

We're here to help

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Celebrate your child’s learning journey with beautiful photo books

Choose photos from your child's Storypark profile to create high quality personalised photo books.

Photo books

Easy and beautiful

Books take minutes to prepare but will be treasured forever.

Photo books

Cherish and revisit learning

You will love revisiting your child's learning moments for years to come.

Photo books

A one of a kind gift

Storypark photo books make delightful gifts to send to loved ones far away.

It helps us to be part of Oliver's day and get to experience and share in his adventures. We're able to participate through sharing comments and discussions with his teachers and share this with his grandparents in the UK. Recently Oliver went to the Museum. It was great to share in his trip and learn about what interested him. This meant we could talk about his trip with him when he got home. — Nick Lloyd, Parent

What family members have been saying

Photo of Agnieszka Kowalew
“We are a busy family of five with several close members living in different countries. It can be difficult to stay in touch, especially in realtime, with many genuinely news-hungry relatives while the young ones grow so fast. Storypark does all that for us.”
Agnieszka Kowalew, Mother

Photo of Vaughan Morris
“Storypark has kept me in touch with my children and my family members. It brightens my day to be able to quickly click and view my children, their smiles and their day to day activities. As a father running a small building business I can spend long hours in the office. The ability to see friends in family communicating together and posting photos of activities brings me a little closer back into their lives through the working week.”
Vaughan Morris, Father

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